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The game is slow,l like really fucking slow and because of that I haven't been able to make any progress. Aside from that the graphics are amazing

pleas tell me how I can contact you or tell me when sexparement and Cleopatra will be officially releced for free, also I would like to be a beta participant?

All this you can find here

I don't see the release date  for v.1

The project is currently suspended, therefore it is difficult to speak about the release of the final version.

well as of now its a good promising game, and ill keep up to date but at the moment i've done all there is to done doing. 

Hey, at the moment I can't seem to get anything in the menu to work, and the menu won't close again. Is that just how it is at the moment, or am I missing something?

Most likely this is a bug. I would not dwell on this, as soon a new, improved version of the game will be released.

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sorry, but the game won't start on my computer.  Im running windows 10 rel 1803  build 17134.590. Any ideas? Is this game still being developed?

Never mind about the bug issue, found the solution: either uninstall citrix workspace of remove the citrix mirror video adapter through control panel. That did the trick.

Is it done yet?

Just wondering if your still developing.

This is just a test and only a hundredth part of what is planned)

Stay tuned)

THANKS! I didn't even think you'd respond, but YOU DID! Thx for the info. I'll be checking on your progress then, if this trully is only a 1/100 part of the full game.

found some gameplay
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Nice! Thanks)))))))

when will the full game development be done?

Well, this is a difficult question. The development has just begun. Soon the game will have new locations and a lot of new missions and interesting things. But the game is completely ready at least next year.