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The Book of Kleopatra is an adventure 3D game from the third person, for adults. Storyline telling about the adventures of a young and pretty girl Kiera, known, despite her age, arheoxenologist - specialist on extinct alien civilizations. One day a certain collector of antiquities is calling her and offers for a considerable reward to find for him a rare artifact - the Book of Cleopatra. Kiera find artifact, however Book has been is not as simple as it seemed.

As soon as Kiera touched her, a powerful spell fell on the girl, causing ever-growing sexual arousal. To remove the spell, Kiera needs to find 69 artifacts, described in this book, and after that to perform a certain ritual.

In the foreseeable future of the game you will find:

  • More than 10 planets with diverse locations, inhabitants, climate and level of development.
  • 6-8 reasonable races, including non-humanoids
  • A lot of unique locations, cities, fortress, space settlements, dungeons, the ruins of ancient civilizations and much more
  • Unique, well-developed characters that can be both friends and enemies
  • Dozens of missions, quests, logical tasks, riddles and puzzles
  • And, of course, many erotic (and not only) scenes involving Kira and other characters.

A significant part of the game is devoted to the search for artifacts. The location of most of them is initially unknown and you will have to search for information about these artifacts by all possible methods. The gameplay is represented by a mixture of classical adventures and RPGs, while they also feature missions other genres such as action, stealth and others. In the course of the game you will have to solve many of the mysteries of ancient and not very civilizations, to open up a hundreds locked doors, to find allies and enemies.
And of course the sexual component of the game - after all, Kira's desire is growing all the time and periodically it needs to be quenched, otherwise the character begins to slowly lose control over himself. Ways to do this in the game a lot, as well as opportunities to have sex with almost any encountered NPC.


  • AWSD - movement
  • Left Shift hold - running
  • Mouse move - overview
  • Left mouse button - use
  • Mouse move with right button hold - direction of character movement
  • Mouse scroll - zoom in/out the camera
  • F2 - fast save (at this time loading of save is only available after the death of the character)

A couple of tips on the gameplay:

  • Move more carefully. Falling from a height can take a lot of health. Falling from a great height, as well as falling into the abyss - guaranteed death.
  • Examine the items found. They can tell you what to do next.

The game is currently under development, not all described functions are fully implemented. Be patient :)

You may support development on our Patreon page


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Just in case anyone has the same problem, Unity has an issue at times with Human Interface Devices driver in your Device Manager (Windows) called the HID-compliant game controller.

This issue results in some Unity based games automatically holding down the left and forward controls when you enter the game.

Disabling this driver in the Device Manager fixed the problem for me, and may help others. (I had to solve this before I could play this game)

Looks good but that's about it. Movement is clunky and slow, saves didn't work which only worsened the problem of being teleported in front of a cliff edge, wouldn't recommend playing in its current state.


Possible steam releasE?

The game is slow,l like really fucking slow and because of that I haven't been able to make any progress. Aside from that the graphics are amazing

pleas tell me how I can contact you or tell me when sexparement and Cleopatra will be officially releced for free, also I would like to be a beta participant?

All this you can find here

I don't see the release date  for v.1

The project is currently suspended, therefore it is difficult to speak about the release of the final version.

well as of now its a good promising game, and ill keep up to date but at the moment i've done all there is to done doing. 

Hey, at the moment I can't seem to get anything in the menu to work, and the menu won't close again. Is that just how it is at the moment, or am I missing something?

Most likely this is a bug. I would not dwell on this, as soon a new, improved version of the game will be released.

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sorry, but the game won't start on my computer.  Im running windows 10 rel 1803  build 17134.590. Any ideas? Is this game still being developed?

Never mind about the bug issue, found the solution: either uninstall citrix workspace of remove the citrix mirror video adapter through control panel. That did the trick.

Is it done yet?

Just wondering if your still developing.

This is just a test and only a hundredth part of what is planned)

Stay tuned)

THANKS! I didn't even think you'd respond, but YOU DID! Thx for the info. I'll be checking on your progress then, if this trully is only a 1/100 part of the full game.

Deleted 139 days ago
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Nice! Thanks)))))))

when will the full game development be done?

Well, this is a difficult question. The development has just begun. Soon the game will have new locations and a lot of new missions and interesting things. But the game is completely ready at least next year.